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Peter Schweifel

peterPeter lives in Germany, where he has a workshop in his family home. He trained at Münster University and has been a free-lance glass artist since 1983. A member of the German Glassblowers’ Association (Verband Deutscher Glasbläser (VDG)), the British Society of Scientific Glassblowers (BSSG) and the American Scientific Glassblowers’ Society (ASGS), Peter has made a name for himself both nationally and internationally. He works on arts, crafts, and trade shows as well as in museums all over Germany. Examples include the Saarlandmuseum Modern Gallery, an annual engagement at the Industrial Museum Osnabrück and a show for the artists’ association Walkemühle e.V. in Wiesbaden on the topic ‘Object appreciation and Performances on Glass’.

Peter has worked in France and the Netherlands as well as Morocco and Tunisia. He has been in exhibitions abroad, such as at the Pittsburgh Glass Centre (PA) and Four Storms Gallery (MD) in the US, and has given demonstrations and talks for other Glassblowers about scientific advancements in their field, as well as new techniques for artistic work. The latter usually happens at VDG symposiums, but recently he also participated in the annual symposium of the American Scientific Glassblowers’ Society, garnering him the Wilt Award for Outstanding Workshop Demonstration 2014.

In Germany, he frequently visits schools to teach students from primary school to college about the chemistry, physics, art, and economics involved in free-lance glassblowing.
Special requests, like the creation of the world’s largest radiometer for an artist’s installation, fitting an entire restaurant with lighting objects, or spending weeks on an all-glass aquarium with more than 400 glass fish on a luxury yacht make for a well rounded portfolio.