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Konstantin Kraft-Poggensee

DSC08659 webKonstantin was born in 1974, in Kassel Germany. In 1992 he caught the ‘glass bug’ when he made an apprenticeship to become a scientific glassblower at the University of Kassel.
Since then his life has been dedicated to glass.

Scientific glassblowing was always his main occupation. In 2001, he has become a master craftsman with honors and he has spent many years in a research environment at the University of Ulm in Germany. He was workshop leader and in charge of training glassblowers. At the moment, he lives and works in Norway.

Besides full-time scientific glassblowing, he has always worked on projects or got involved in the community.
For example he volunteered his time to the VDG (Verband Deutscher Glasbläser - German Glassblowers’ Society) for 12 years, and for 10 of these years served as chairman. What really excited him was to work on design and art. He has participated in several projects and exhibits in Germany and Norway.

His focus is on functional things:
“For me a beautiful object needs to be useful - and get used - too. I don't like things that catch dust or are too fragile to touch”